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5 minutes with: Alice Smith, medtech
11 Dec 2023 | Words by the Star People Recruitment Team

Senior Recruitment Consultant, Alice Smith, talks values, the medtech landscape, and quiet nights in, in our latest recruitment Q&A.

Hi Alice, tell us about yourself and what you’ll be working on at Star People.

I’ve been working in recruitment for the past nine years. I started out in non-industry specific high street recruitment where I cut my teeth and then moved on to specialising in pharmaceutical recruitment and healthcare comes. At Star People I’m going to be heading up our medtech medical devices division and looking after all sorts of roles under that heading.

How would you describe your recruitment style, and what matters to you the most as a consultant?

I’d describe myself as a personable recruiter. I’ve got a very people-centred approach and that’s the most important thing to me. It’s getting to know my clients well and what makes them tick, and getting to know candidates and getting beneath that top level answer. The right people for the right role and where we’ll have long-lasting relationships.

Why did you want to join Star People’s Recruitment team?

I joined Star People first and foremost to work with the people in the team. Wherever I’ve worked throughout my career that’s been most important, having a supportive and friendly team around me.

The next thing that I found exciting about Star People is the opportunity to work within a much wider group. Being part of Uniphar, we’ve got so many resources and experts across all areas of pharma and medtech, and specialisms under that. Going forward into 2024 there are some exciting things which I’m keen to get stuck into.

Part of Uniphar, we’ve got so many resources and experts across all areas of pharma and medtech, and specialisms under that

What do you feel are the biggest issues in the medtech/medical device environment right now for companies, and how do they affect jobseekers in the sector?

2023 has been extremely challenging across all sectors and all areas. We’re seeing this particularly in recruitment where there are fewer opportunities for jobseekers. Candidates really need to set themselves apart from their competition.

Employers are being much more cautious when it comes to making financial decisions and budgets are certainly tighter than they have been. And there’s other economic factors at play which ultimately mean that if you go into interview, you’ve got to be thoroughly prepared and able to make yourself stand out from your competition.

With that in mind, give us your key pieces of advice to jobseekers navigating the market at the moment.

Make sure you’ve got all your achievements on your CV, you’re shouting about your sales records or awards that you’ve won, and really drilling down into that broad spectrum of experience that you’ve developed.

When we go into interviews, make sure that you’ve done your research, you know that company inside and out, and you can really sell yourself and your experience.

My one main piece of advice would be: use all the resources that you can get your hands on.

Candidates really need to set themselves apart from their competition

Obviously, I would also suggest would be working with a specialist recruiter who has your interest at heart, and can give insight, knowledge, advice, and guidance. There’s nothing better than having somebody cheering you on from the sidelines and helping talk through feedback. It takes a lot of that pressure off.

Be open and honest with the recruiter that you’re working with. It helps us find the right thing for you and tailor our consultation by understanding what your main drivers are and what really is important to you. It might be salary, it might be a promotion, but a lot of the time it’s something less tangible than that.

What do you like to get up to outside of work?

I like doing anything outdoorsy! I live in the middle of nowhere in the Peak District so really enjoy walking and hiking up hills with the dog in all weathers. Nothing else stop me getting out and enjoying that!

And I’m really into strength training as I like to challenge myself, and am a big fan of a nerdy board game and a quiet night in!

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