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Contract Sales team: flexible differential resource
12 Mar 2024 | Words by Star People

The Challenge

An established pharma company needed help to relaunch one of their products in the highly competitive cardiovascular/haematology marketplace. Previous attempts to launch had been commercially unsuccessful.

The client needed a trusted and reliable CSO partner, who could quickly align to their commercial strategy, and drive focused activity to make a genuine impact on sales.

The team needed to be innovative, resourceful, and flexible in their approach with a multichannel offering to support the complexities and challenges of the marketplace. They would also need to hit the ground running and quickly reach key customers in order to compete against the increasingly resourceful competition.

Finally, the client needed a CSO with a willingness to partner flexibly with the ability to provide complete integration into their business.

The Solution

Star People worked with the client to provide a flexible solution, including a multichannel option to provide a suitable resource that could meet the complexities and challenges of driving uptake with a variety of clinical and payor stakeholders.

An experienced resourcing team was deployed to ensure that the highest quality candidates were sought, while managing the need to quickly place both primary and secondary care heads into the wider team as required (at different times of the year, and when the market access conditions were right). This involved managing onboarding and training of the new heads to ensure that they could be integrated into the team quickly and effectively.

Star People worked with the client to develop a metrics dashboard to track inputs and outcomes, while appointing a highly experienced single point of contact project manager to maintain regular communication with the 20-strong client line management team.

The Impact

  • A highly skilful and flexible team of 35 were deployed across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with each making a significant impact on sales growth
  • Zero negative attrition of the team to any other pharma company across >12 months
  • Activity metrics at 107%, 120% and 136% of target for the last 3 quarters
  • National sales increased from ~£330k per month to ~£1.5M per month in line with the stretch target for the company
  • Successful formulary engagement, KOL and advocates developed
  • Continuous success has resulted in investment to further develop the product

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