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Multichannel account management: experienced sales team
12 Mar 2024 | Words by Star People

The Challenge

A market-leading brand with limited UK reach was experiencing a decline by -5%, with commercial rebates and cost-saving initiatives from competitors eating up the client’s revenue. The challenge was set to stabilise the decline and protect sales from potential Generics competitors.

The Solution

A quality team with flexible UK geographical reach was quickly integrated into the pre-existing team. 10 Multichannel Account Managers were deployed for an initial commitment of 1,500 days with the ability to effectively target primary care accounts across the UK, with the commercial offering to convert to buy the brand directly.

The Impact

  • The -5% decline of the brand was stabilised, with over 50% of sales generated from accounts buying directly
  • 3.5% month-on-month cash growth in accounts was achieved by the dedicated Multichannel Account Managers

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