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How to customise your LinkedIn profile URL
3 May 2022 | Words by Star People

Every page of every website has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator – who knew?!). This is a collection of numbers and letters, which is unique to that page, and your LinkedIn profile page is no exception.

Customising your URL on LinkedIn profile is a good idea as it’ll make it simpler for you to be found on LinkedIn if you’re looking to increase people’s awareness of your employment, are open to job offers, and – regardless of your reasons – will give your profile a more professional edge.

Types of custom LinkedIn URL to choose

The best formats to go for when customising your URL are:




The former would be best if you’re open to new job offers, while the latter works well for increasing awareness among your connections and potential connections that you work for your employer.

Another reason to consider customising your profile URL is if you share it on your business card. Having a neater URL to share with clients and associates gives an added level of professionalism to any introduction where you share your card – which we think can only be a good thing!

How to edit your URL

Go to your LinkedIn profile.

At the top right you’ll see ‘Edit public profile & URL’. Click it.

Next, you’ll see ‘Edit your custom URL’ with a blue pencil symbol under your existing URL. Click this and enter your new custom URL.

Save it and remember to amend it wherever you have used your old link, e.g., your business card, email signature, etc. You have now customised your LinkedIn profile URL, making it easier for you to be found, raise awareness of your connection to your employer, and demonstrate your openness to new opportunities.

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