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Seven reasons why industry should engage a CSO
22 Apr 2024 | Words by the Star People BD Team

At Star People we have over 20 years’ experience delivering the best talent to our pharma, medtech and biotech clients across multiple specialisms and in a variety of ways to suit their needs. One of these is as a contract sales organisation (CSO).

From start-up to biotech to blue-chip, our consultants provide flexible and driven CSO teams for our clients, recruiting the best talent to fit with your company culture. Unparalleled project management and support teams utilise our intelligence platform to optimise resource development, so you can be sure of maximum commercial impact.

Our contract sales specialisms:

  • Market Access
  • Primary care
  • Secondary/Speciality care
  • Medical Sales Liaison
  • Nursing teams
  • Quality and Regulatory

Working with us in a CSO capacity has several strategic advantages for our clients. Here are some of them.

1. Access to an experienced sales force
Our sales professionals specialise in promoting and selling pharma and medical device products, saving you the time and resources required to build and maintain an internal salesforce.

2. Scalability and flexibility
You can easily scale your teams up or down. This flexibility allows you as the client to respond quickly to changing market conditions, product launches, or shifts in sales strategies without the need to hire or lay off internal sales staff.

3. Geographical coverage
Our teams have a widespread presence across multiple regions or countries across the UK and Republic of Ireland, meaning you can expand your reach into new territories without the need for significant infrastructure investments.

4. Cost-effectiveness
Entrusting your sales activities to a CSO can be more cost-effective than maintaining an internal salesforce, especially if you have limited resources or during periods of fluctuating demand.

5. Risk mitigation
Working with a CSO can mitigate the risks associated with hiring, training, and managing a dedicated sales team, as well as potential liabilities and legal issues related to sales practices.

6. Focus on core competencies
Concentrate your resources and efforts on your core competencies, such as R&D, manufacturing, or other strategic areas of focus, while we build your team.

7. Access to data and insights
Working with our data team, we have access to valuable data and insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and sales performance, which can inform and positively influence your overall strategy and decision-making processes.

Our Employers page has more information on contract sales resource as well as our other strategic outsourced people services.

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